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Local TV Producer Don Yelton Takes TV Show To The Internet

Written By: chad8630 - Mar• 03•12

Known as the Rush Limbaugh of Western North Carolina, Don Yelton has been bringing local politics to your living room via Charter Cable Channel 10 for years.  His show , “The Citizens Speak” is the only local televised talk show in the area.  Have a problem in your community?  Want to get on your soapbox?  Yelton will put you on Television and he gets results.  Mr. Yelton’s show is credited for exposing the contaminated CTS Plant in Buncombe County in which locals were getting sick due to illegal dumping of chemicals in the ground water. 

Now the local TV producer  takes the Citizens Speak Show to the Internet and he is taking “LIVE” calls.  Don Yelton said, “I’m going to keep the TV show running on Charter but with the Internet version, the people’s issues can reach a much larger audiance.” 

The Citizens Speak Show runs in 9 counties in Western North Carolina every Monday night at 9:00 PM Charter Channel 10.  You can see his new practice Internet runs here.

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