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The NC Gas Tax – The Truth!

Written By: chad8630 - Feb• 07•12

By Chad Nesbitt

In my research of the NC gas tax I can tell you for certain that it is the biggest mess, most confusing, and rape of the tax payers I have ever seen but here is the bare gist of it –

  • The NC Gas Tax is based on a formula so complicated that no one understands it, but knows that it changes every 6 months.
  • The State portion of the tax was 35 cents a gallon in 2011. Now 2012 it is 39 cents per gallon.
  • The Federal portion of the tax was 19 cents a gallon in 2011. Now 2012 it is 23 cents a gallon.
  • The total combined tax you pay for a gallon of gas, as of January 2012 is 62 cents added to the cost of a gallon of gas.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, as the cost of oil rises, this confusing formula calculates a higher gas tax.

So what have the NC State Legislators and the Federal government done to lower the gas tax and help the citizens of NC? Answer – Not a damn thing except -In 2011, the (Republican run), NC State House voted in favor of a bill to cap the state portion of the gas tax at 35 cents per gallon. “Cap” means it wouldn’t go any higher than 35 cents.  But…(and there’s always a but in politics), the NC State Senate decided to go home and not vote on it. Their actions killed the bill and left us stuck with a higher state gas tax.

What about the Federal part of the gas tax? Congressman Shuler and the rest of the Federal Government didn’t do a damn thing either. As part of Obama’s green and clean con job, the gas we buy is made up of 10 percent ethanol. The Feds let the ethanol tax break expire January 1st which added 4 more cents onto the Federal gas tax in 2012.

So where is all this tax money going? It’s called the NC Highway Fund. If you were in prison it would be called the showers because the NC tax payers are being rapped at the NC Highway Fund. This highway fund is such a big story I’m going to have to write another article on it for times sake.

How do we lower the gas prices?

  • All members of the NC Senate should be voted out of office. Period. And I mean all. Makes no difference if they are Democrat or Republican.
  • Fire the guy that came up with the NC Gas Tax formula and make it a flat tax of 3 cents a gallon. Ill explain why in my next report.
  • Prioritize the NC Highway Fund and Trust Fund.
  • The Federal government must allow the new pipeline to be built in the United States.
  • The State and Federal government must allow off shore drilling.
  • If the United States renders military aid to country’s with oil fields, then the USA gets oil at $35.00 a barrel or less or free!
  • Abolish the radical laws and regulations of the EPA.
  • Realize that “We The People” have the power. Write letters to the editor, call in on talk radio, protest, draw media attention to the problem, hold elected leaders accountable.



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